Alternative Ways to Style Wallpaper with I LOVE WALLPAPER

Sep 29, 2020

If you follow me on Instagram @sallydoessassy you'll know that some of my favourite things are wallpaper, animal print and styling so when I LOVE WALLPAPER asked me to work with them to show how I would style their Leopard Print wallpaper I was more than happy to accept, for a few reasons:

Reason Number One

It was this leopard print wallpaper from I LOVE WALLPAPER which got my imagination all fired up back at the start of 2018 because it was very different to anything I’d seen at the time (way before leopard was a THING). I knew I had to use it somewhere in the house. Before anyone asks the wallpaper in this photo has sadly been discontinued. If I had a pound for every time I am asked about it I’d be a very rich lady!

The wallpaper that started a bit of theme in my home

As someone who had never used wallpaper before, always preferring the clean, matt, flat finish which paint gave me, I was under the misconception that wallpaper would be a very expensive alternative to a few tins of paint. (Sure, it can be but let’s face it you can also spend a LOT of money on high-end paint – but it’s like anything you work within your budget).

At the start of my wallpaper “journey” I didn’t have the confidence to hang paper myself so I paid a decorator (which was a new thing for us as we have always done our own decorating). I was a bit worried that if I really didn’t like the wallpaper it would be a lot harder to correct than with paint. To be fair it is a faff to remove wallpaper but if you choose carefully it should be something you live with for years and it’s worth remembering that a professional decorator can remove wallpaper in a flash. Also, if you get a paint colour totally wrong it’s a really time consuming exercise to put right too.

Anyway, I didn’t stop thinking about this wallpaper but I couldn’t decide where to use it. I eventually came up with a plan to hang it in what had been the boys playroom/man-cave,  a room which was no longer used because they had reached the stage where they loved to spend time in their bedrooms.

So, suddenly I had an ideal room in which I could use this wallpaper and it didn’t actually feel to be such risky a move because if I had got it wrong (I hadn’t) it wasn’t a main room. In actual fact it had just become a room I walked through many times a day to get to the Utility room.

Reason Number Two 

One day I had a brilliant idea to transform this room into a Home Bar & the guys at I Love Wallpaper trusted me enough to gift me some rolls of wallpaper to use (I had never done a collaboration with anything other than a print or a candle before so this was a big thing for me) ..... and that, ladies and gentlemen, is where my love of using leopard print in most rooms began!

The orange tones in the wallpaper work perfectly with the orange velvet bar stools

Anyway, I digress!

I Love Wallpaper  set me a challenge. They sent me a roll of leopard print wallpaper  and asked me how I would style it or use it in my home.

I have reached the stage where I only have a few more rooms left that could possibly be wallpapered so tempted as I was to wallpaper a wall I decided to show you a few ways in which it could be used & accessorised.


A simple length of leopard print wallpaper provides a striking backdrop


Papering with leopard print wallpaper in-between the dark wall panels creates a strong visual effect


A close up of the leopard print wallpaper used in-between the dark wall panels

I have hung wallpaper in pretty much all the main rooms in my home now and I even like to use wallpaper on furniture to transform it.

I don’t like the thought of unloved furniture going to landfill so I have commissioned items of furniture to be brought back to life with a wallpaper makeover.

Whilst the items here weren’t papered in I LOVE WALLPAPER I’ve picked out a few examples from their extensive range of wallpapers which I think would look perfect.


New Studio Romantic Bloom wallpaper would look fabulous used on a dressing screen and/or a chest of drawers

Milan Metallic wallpaper would be perfect to upcycle a cocktail cabinet as I have in this photograph

Cleo Geometric wallpaper would be a fabulous alternative  to upcycle a desk as I did in my study


Disclaimer: ~This is a paid collaboration with I LOVE WALLPAPER but all opinions are my own.



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