Let’s Stay Home – How I gave my home office a makeover

May 14, 2021

Quite a few years ago I claimed a room in our home as my very own space. It’s not a big room and has a ridiculously large hot water cylinder housed in one corner behind a hideous louvre door (required for air flow). Said cupboard (*affectionately known as "that bloody cupboard") meant that the room wasn't big enough to have a bed in which ruled out using it as a spare bedroom. So I made it into my own work space which I grandly like to call my Study.

* there is no affection

I papered two walls with Anna Hayman Bibana wallpaper and painted two walls & the ceiling in dark paint and hung edgy (scary) art of ladies heads on the walls. I found an old vintage desk and pained it black. I have to say it was a cool room and I think I'm right in saying that when "The Girl with the Green Sofa" kindly featured me on her blog a few years ago it was one of her most popular pins on Pinterest at the time.

Fast forward a few years and it's fair to say that Lockdown has definitely affected the way in which I look at a space & I have found myself needing a lot more light in my rooms now!

I had gradually allowed this room to become a dumping ground. It wasn’t conducive to a calm, productive working environment & the darkness was beginning to make it feel a bit of a miserable space to be in to be honest.

I took all the art down & advertised it on my Instagram Stories. It sold within a nano second. I gave the proceeds to Breast Cancer UK which was pleasing. The desk, although very beautiful in all its vintage glory, was no longer working for me as it wasn’t deep enough. I’d done a computer “swapsy” with one of my boys & found myself with a huge Apple Mac (first world problems) but whilst the screen size is brilliant it takes up a lot more room than a laptop & is a permanent fixture. I quite literally had no space on my desk to be able to write so ended up having to have a second, makeshift desk in the (very small) room. I also had a huge storage cupboard which I seemed intent on filling with “stuff”.

So, first things first. I took a deep breath, gave myself two hours of uninterrupted time and emptied the cupboard and rehoused all the contents. The cupboard is now in the garage waiting to be sold. I realised that the only things which I regularly used in the cupboard were my Interiors books & back copies of Living Etc. These are now displayed on a vintage chair for easy access & they look good too.

I did my desk research. I needed a desk where the monitor could be higher than the writing space leaving me plenty of work surface but it had to look good too - I wanted it to be a feature.

Enter the Retro Amber glass desk from Rockett St George a beautiful, sexy, smoked glass brown desk with curves in all the right places. It looked perfect against the wallpaper which was already in the room and had totally the right vibe to go with an amber retro Sputnik lamp which I already owned and a black glossy table lamp which I already had from Barker and Stonehouse.

I painted the window wall a very pale caramel colour which I colour matched to the lightest colour in the wallpaper. I’m a big fan of a notice board but my personal preference is not to have one above a desk so I used the side of the boiler cupboard and attached cork tiles with a strong adhesive spray glue. Using cork tiles felt to be a good fit with the retro 70's feel I was going for and the colour also lightened the room.


It still felt a bit dark though (hilarious if you know me of old) so I decided to introduce more light at floor level and covered the black floorboards with a large Berber style rug from IAMFY. It throws light into the room and is seriously comfy to walk on. The rug is actually two identical rugs taped together on the reserve to give the illusion of one large rug. I also cut about 20cm off the length of each rug so that they fit the space perfectly. I have laid the rugs so that the raw edges are up against the wall to prevent fraying.

Shopping the house is always a good idea when revamping a room. We had a large cheese plant in our bedroom which I repotted in a huge black pot bought from the garden centre for £16. I gave all the leaves a good wipe & polished them using a plant spray containing Rosemary and Lavender essential oils which had the added bonus of making the room smell amazing! I also bought some Moss Poles to encourage it to grow even taller and, fingers crossed, it seems to be loving life in its new spot.

I wanted a little sofa in here so I could sit & read or sit & watch programs on the computer. We already had a bed settee which, by some miracle, fits the space between the wall and the door almost to the exact millimetre. It is grey & very uninspiring so I’ve just draped a leopard print faux fur blanket over it and shopped the house for some cushions. I also wanted the dogs to come in here and snooze whilst I worked so they have their own snacks in this Rockett St George Disco Biscuits jar.

And the piece de resistance is the fabulous neon light by Bag & Bones which adds a lovely warm orange glow to the room.

The brief I gave myself was:

A lighter feel.

A nod to a 70’s vibe.

More desk space.

A cosy space which I could work in and the dogs could snooze in.

Mission accomplished.

Let’s stay home - yes please !



TOP ROW: Left to Right

Retro Amber Glass desk by Rockett St George

Black Dome lamp by Barker and Stonehouse

Gold extension lead by Lolas Leads

MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right

Marrakech Rug from FY

Initial mug from Anthroplogie

BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right

Lets Stay Home Neon sign by Bag and Bones

Disco Biscuits Jar from Rockett St George

Kwmobile Puzzle lamp

I haven't been asked to write this blog post but I am marking it as AD as it contains PR Products and some affiliate links (Desk is a PR Product from Rockett St George. The Rugs are a PR Product from IAMFY. The Neon Sign is a PR Product from Bag and Bones. The extension cable is a PR Product from Lolas Leads).


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