Sally does Art: Curating a Gallery Wall with Arthaus

Dec 5, 2021

So, one of my most asked questions is  ‘Sally, I’d love to add a bit of ‘Sass’ to my home - what’s the simplest thing you’d recommend to get started?’

Well folks - I’d like to let you in on a little design secret that you can implement right away which won’t break the bank before Christmas: the Sassy gallery wall.

Nothing helps a home declare its ‘Sass’ like a bold, strong and well-curated gallery wall. A brightly curated gallery wall is a happy wall and will bring you pleasure every time you pass by and will wow your visitors.

Inspiration: Fortune Favours The Bold

“Sally, how do I make it ‘Sassy’?!”

So, just by deciding that you want to create a large gallery wall, you’ve already started your ‘Sassy’ journey. Well curated gallery walls are - by their nature – unique & eclectic and make a stylistic statement in your home.

Don’t Go With Just One Theme

First things first, resist the overwhelming urge to choose just one theme.

Personally, I will always go with a variety of themes and combinations – floral, abstract, typography, vintage. A good tip to create interest is to choose different sized art with different finishes ie. matt, high gloss and canvas all of which help create not just a uniquely eclectic visual experience but will keep your visitors on their mental toes and create a talking point.

Here are a few examples of artistic styles to explore as a starting point:

  • Collage Art: Collage art was made for the ‘Sassy’ style it’s definitely my go to style.
  • Travels and Maps: It’s lovely to have photos or art that mean something to you and places and countries you have visited are a good choice. Think outside the box a bit here and perhaps chose a ‘meta’ view of a place via maps and other abstract representations of space.
  • Abstract Art : I do like abstract art and it’s always a good way to link the colours in your other art choices together.

Be Brave, My Friends

Getting your ‘Sassy’ inspiration doesn’t have to be overwhelming, remember to just choose what you love so that it “Comes from the Heart” above all else. The point of a ‘Sassy’ wall is to help tease both you and your home out of your comfort zone in the ultimate pursuit of that ‘Sass’. Always remember you may be an introvert in the outside world but inside your own four walls you can be an interior extrovert.

  • Hallway:  Such a well-trafficked thoroughfare in your home but also probably an area that doesn’t normally get noticed as we are always in-transit to another room in the house. You might even have a few small pieces already - characteristically placed at eye level to showcase your family photos. By using this normally dull, ordinary space as the canvas to our ‘Sassy’ creation, we can transform this transitionary space. But the key is go large. Floor to ceiling guys – fill that space.

This is my gallery wall and I can confirm that it makes me happy every time I look at it.

  • Existing Accent Wall: Obviously we don’t all have hallways so pick yourself a wall in the lounge, kitchen or bedroom and start filling it with prints that you love.

The gallery wall in my lounge. Mix up the artwork and add something unexpected like the angel wings to add that extra bit of Sass.

Now, the most important of all questions: “What shall we put in our gallery wall?” A really good idea is to browse the website of seasoned purveyor of fine arts and prints, such as Arthaus. Just screenshot anything that catches your attention and quite soon you will see that there is something going on that speaks to you. As you’re curating your own selections, keep in mind the emotional mantra you want to embody in your creation - terms like “edgy” and “eclectic” should be top of mind as you browse their ample selection.

My main piece of advice as you’re curating is just do so with love! Grab a glass of wine, turn on the fire this holiday, and curl up in your favourite chair with your digital device and let your mind wander. If you’re looking for some starting points see below where I’ve picked out twelve of my personal favourites from the Arthaus website all of which get the Sassy Seal of Approval.

Throw Some Gold On It!

Those of you who know me well also know that I can’t resist adding a little bit of ‘gold’ to all of my projects. Gold bounces the light about and you can add it your gallery wall by choosing prints with gold text also use a few gold frames to lift a flat print to make it shine (more on this later).

Construction: Keep It Sassy

Once you’ve assembled your perfect ‘Sassy’ collection of awe inspiring prints, it’s time to get to the true heart of it: placement. A truly ‘Sassy’ gallery wall works hard to not follow any preconceived notions of space and layout. The most inspirational gallery walls take advantage of both the space and the collection to create a visual journey that elicits that internal feeling of “wow” from everyone that has the good fortune to encounter it.

While your wall really should be your own reflection of your inner ‘Sass’, here are a few things to keep in mind during construction:

  • Different Sized Prints: I cannot stress enough how important it is to make sure you get prints and frames in all shapes and sizes - Arthaus has plenty to choose from - as inconsistent framing helps draw attention to the content and slow the viewer down to allow time to take in the whole of it.
  • Mix Elements: Since we took such great care to select different textures and patterns in our prints, we want to make sure these are used to their fullest potential by avoiding repetitive placement or similarly grouped styles.
  • Use the Floor: Just because it’s a “wall” gallery doesn’t mean that you have to keep it that way! Place a piece or two along the floor (choose a larger format) and prop them up against the wall to extend the visual space and create an even more unique curated experience

Get Vintage, Baby

If you’re looking for that true ‘Sassy’ feel, I would suggest visiting local charity shops and antique emporiums to pick up a selection of old frames to mix in amongst some modern frames. This is a guaranteed way to provide an even more elegant and unique twist to your walled masterpiece. If they are the wrong colour – spray paint them.

Play About with It

Lastly, the most important part of any gallery wall is to perfectly match the space, content and your own unique style  (Arthaus offers free 30-day no quibble returns - or use them on your next project!).


Left to Right:

Into the Sun by Kaethe Butcher

Autumn Song by Terry Fan

Whispers Wonder by Pedro Topa


Left to Right

Stay Gold by Frances & Antoinette

Paris Map by Jazzberry Blue

C'mon (She Make Me Kill Myself) by Kaethe Butcher

Left to Right

HA by Amadeus Long

Broken by Lianne Middledorp

Inbetween by Lianne Middledorp

Left to Right

Place Du Tertre by Alicia Bock

Elefteria by Studio Krone Kern

VHS & Entry Hall Wallpaper by Hollis Brown Thornton

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