Sally does .. Stripes and Scallops and Frilly Skirts

Nov 30, 2021

So, it's no secret that Sally does Sassy is all about maximalism.  I love surrounding myself with fabulous things. More is more and layering is my comfort blanket.

Over the years I've totally found my style. It's a vibe that comes from my heart, it suits my personality and it just works in my old Barn but ,more importantly, it makes me very happy. But every so often a new trend pops up on the horizon that I want to get on board with and incorporate into my existing theme, albeit it with a bit of a Sally does Sassy twist.

I'm talking Stripes, Scallops and Frilled Table Skirts - pretty much a Maximalists dream. I've fallen down a Pinterest Rabbit Hole looking at lots of lovely table skirts and it took me right back to my first job as a Saturday Girl working in Laura Ashley. At that time (The 80's) round chipboard tables were THE THING. I used to love being let loose to choose a fabric for the skirt, pleat & staple gun it all the way around the table top and then pick out a contrasting fabric to lay at a jaunty angle over the top. (I still love being in charge of a staple gun to this day).

Image by Suwanee via Apartmenttherapy

I've seen so many table skirts on Pinterest, most of them are very pretty, ditsy floral patterns attached under kitchen sink units but this style just won't work for me. Remember, it's all about making a trend work for you and not the other way around.

I'd also seen a bold Mustard and White stripe fabric (Holkham by Warner House) which I really wanted to use somewhere. The obvious choice would have been to use it as a cushion cover or perhaps as curtains but then I had an idea. Ta Dah!

The edge of my vintage hall table has a scalloped edge (so that was one box ticked). The space under the table is generally used as a dumping ground for recycling, bags etc. It's a really useful space but very soon gets unsightly unless I'm on hand to tidy it every five minutes - which quite frankly I'm not.

What this table really needed was a lovely little curtain/skirt made from a bold mustard and white striped fabric. I love it when a plan comes together.

Making it was super easy. I measured the height from the floor to the top of the scalloped edge and then cut two pieces of fabric which were each the length of the table. I hemmed the bottom length and sewed 3 inch curtain tape to the top length. By pulling the curtain tapes together along the top length it brought the fabric in enough to give a nice gathered effect. I now had two curtains which I attached on the reverse with a staple curtain (told you I loved a staple gun). The curtains overlap in the middle for easy access to all the junk hidden behind them. Because the fabric is intended for outdoor use it's hardwearing but still really easy to work with.

Below I've sourced some lovely Scalloped and Striped items (all of which get the Sassy Seal of Approval) and all of which you can easily add into your home should you too have a Striped & Scalloped itch that needs scratching.

Disclaimer: Some of these items I have bought myself, the fabric was a PR gift, but rest assured I would happily give any of these house room chez Sally does Sassy.



TOP ROW - Left to Right:

Tooka Circus Candleholders. No words needed- just fabulous, I think one in every colour would be rather jolly.

Cassacarta x Amara Teardrop Scallop Vase. Oh I love this, it fabulous, it's bold, it's in your face and a great shape. May or may not need flowers.

This lovely enamel scalloped edge pendant lampshade is from Dunelm. Its £12! I bought one for my Utility Room. It also comes in a pastel pink if pastel pink is your thing. I have to say Dunelm are on fire at the moment.


MIDDLE ROW - Left to Right

This is the Holkham Amber Stripe fabric from Warner House which I used for my table skirt. Excellent service, excellent fabric quality and a joy to work with (The fabric and Warner House team themselves).

Striped Planter from Matilda Goad. This is a fairly new find for me. Matilda is the Contributing Editor for House & Garden magazine and is a lover of stripes, a scalloped edge & a table skirt. Her whole website & Insta are an absolute joy. This planter is excellent (I treated myself to one). It's double layered with a brass inset. There are loads of colour ways & I can feel myself purchasing more along with pretty much everything else on her website.


BOTTOM ROW - Left to Right:

Coral Pink Lacquered Tray. So it would seem that as well as having a thing for a scalloped edge and a stripe I also like coral (it's quite a surprise to me too but I have noticed a bit of coral creeping in). This is a very sweet tray I'd probably use it to hold a selection of black candles to toughen it up a bit.

Now, I have also bought these striped candles from Hay. They are fabulous and ridiculously cheap for a set of four. I've put mine in jewel coloured glass candle holders which will be making an appearance at Christmas. Hay! (pun intended) I may even light them.

Now whilst I love pattern I do have a preference for plain white bedding. This coral scalloped bedding by Sophie Conran is just gorgeous. I'll let you into a secret ... I'm making some changes to our bedroom & I've bought this set to go in there.



TOP ROW - Left to Right:

Candy Cane Striped picture frames from All the Things. I love the colour way I've featured here (Heather & Jam - I'm such a sucker for a cool product name). But these also come in Shell & Mustard (my personal favourite which totally matches the vibe of my home). There's also Flamingo & Mud (love it) and Milk & Pistachio.

Modimo jugs from Abigail Ahern - everything AA does is always excellent.

A lampshade is always a super easy way to give a nod to a trend. You've all heard of Pooky right? Such excellent lighting. This is called Scarlett Tapers - another fabulous name.


MIDDLE ROW - Left to Right:

I just had to add another item by Matilda Goad. This scalloped candle shade in Raffia with a black trim totally does it for me, I like the edginess of the black trim (again, pun totally intended).

I found an incredibly massive shell vase in Home Sense recently in which I've planted Indoor Narcissus. I'm hoping they will  bloom during Christmas week and make the house smell amazing. This shell from my faves - Rockett St George is also pretty damn cool.


BOTTOM ROW - Left to Right:

Circus Beams bath mat by IWOOT. I love anything that references the Circus Big Top. Growing up in a tiny, tiny village meant that the circus coming to town was always wonderful. I'm fairly certain it wasn't Giffords Circus standard but it was a long time ago and has left me with lovely memories.

I hadn't actually realised quite how much I had bought into this trend.... This is the Fronzoli serving dish by Host Home. It come in many variations & I may (totally have) bought a few.

And possibly saving my favourite until last ... this is the Mia Casa ceramic footstool by The Luxe Company. It's on my Christmas wish list & I have been a very good girl **

** absolutely gutted it's out of stock !


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