Sassy Approved Animal Print Rugs

Jan 12, 2022

One of the questions I get asked the most is about the leopard print rug I have in my home bar. It's a beauty. It's been there a long time now and is getting a bit shabby but it's stood the test of time well as it has seen a lot of footfall (I have to walk through the bar to get to the Utility Room and let me tell you it's a path I walk many times a day). The rug was actually discontinued many years ago, which is a real shame as I reckon it would have sold hundreds of times over based on the number of enquiries I get about it.


I do however have a few other leopard print rugs in the house. And *TOP TIP* they aren't rugs at all (I know!) .. they are lengths of carpet which I had cut to the required measurement and then had the edges bound. A great way to get a good quality rug to fit the space you want.

Both these rugs in above photos are lengths of carpet which have had their edges whipped/bound this costs aporox £2/3 per metre. It's an excellent way to get a bespoke rug at a fraction of the price of a designer one.

I did a bit of an internet search to find eight animal print rugs for your delight. Quite a few of these seem to be in the sale and .. another *TOP TIP* when ordering online companies quite often offer a small discount if you sign up to their mailing list.

TOP ROW - Left to Right:

It's a Wild World Rug in baby Panther design by Cuckooland. I am a huge fan of Cuckooland and their quirky yet excellent quality products. This rug appears to have a raised texture to it. I imagine its gorgeous to walk on in bare feet.

This is quite a fun rug. I think it would look cool in a child's bedroom or playroom or even as a bathroom rug. It's the Rajah Tiger Head rug by Wyld Home. 

A different use of animal print here using the cheetah as the pattern. I like the colours used here. It's by Anthropologie. 

MIDDLE ROW - Left to Right:

The Tigre rug from Rug Vista. It's a bold vibrant pattern & a lovely use of colour. I personally think that this would good in a number of settings as a statement piece. I'm thinking white walls, white floors and lots of plants.

This pattern is similar to my hall rug. Whilst you may think all leopard prints are the same, they are not! A good colour and pattern are key. This is by The Rug Seller who seem to offer a variety of animal print rugs - worth a look I'd say.

BOTTOM ROW - Left to Right:

Safari Runner from iRugs - again a very pleasing pattern.

This is pretty cool. I'm thinking use as a bedside rug or in a child's bedroom or playroom. It's from Couverture and the Garb Store which I always think is an EXCELLENT shop name.

Last but not least I very much like this rug from Benuta. It's animal print but in a calm way. I'm trying to think hard where I could use it as it definitely floats my boat. It's description is Splendid Khaki & I rather think it is.




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