Sassy Approved Bar Cart Accessories

Nov 22, 2021

So for those of you who haven't visited my website before ... Hello, I'm Sally and I enjoy sourcing seriously sassy items which will effortlessly add personality and style to your home and take it to the next level of glam.

I happily spend hours sourcing the most fabulous items I can to spare you guys the trouble of having to trawl the world-wide-web to find fabulous things for your home.

This week I'm focusing on Bar Cart Accessories. I've pulled together eight lovely items which will be sure to add a sprinkling of sass to the party season.

Everything I showcase here would be more than welcome chez Sally does Sassy.



TOP ROW - Left to Right:

5 Piece Manhattan Cocktail Shaker Set  I mean who doesn't like to shake up a cocktail at Christmas? I love the gold colour-way but it also comes in black which is equally as cool in my opinion.

Set of 4 Elody Coupe Glasses. Whilst I do like a bit of bling I also love a vintage (or vintage looking) etched glass I find them nostalgic and there's something slightly romantic about them in a bygone type of way.  These have a very pleasing gold rim. I would happily raise one of these glasses to toast the Compliments of the Season!

Now you know I love a disco ball (or 5). Personally, I'm particularly partial to gold ones. This is by the fabulous Lolapalooza  which is a very cool website. And (this is news to me) you can get disco balls in lots of colours! Go check them out.


MIDDLE ROW - Left to Right:

I just had to include this by my faves Rockett St George. I appreciate it's a big ticket item but it's just so sassy I couldn't not include it. I mean it's ridiculous but so good.

Snake corkscrew? Yes Please. This is by a company called Posh Totty Interior Designs - what a fabulous name for a brand.


BOTTOM ROW - Left to Right

Harlequin Gold Soda Syphon. All the retro vibes with a bit of sass. I'm guessing that spritzing your drink up with one of these is a lot more fun than unscrewing the top off a plastic bottle. I've added this to my Christmas list if you are reading this Santa.

Rockefeller drinks trolley. There are hundreds of bar carts out there to choose from but I like the art deco shape of this, it's quite slimline so won't take up too much space and I'm a sucker for a good product name.

Club Tropicana neon sign. Cheap and cheerful - add the song to your playlist and get the party started.


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