Sassy Approved Fabulous Fringed & Feathered Lampshades

Feb 23, 2021

Oh how I love a lampshade. I'm like a magpie & find myself drawn to shiny metal or velvet light sources (or maybe I mean a moth)? Either way, there are some gorgeous lampshades around at the moment.

Personally, I like a lampshade to give me a little bit more than just function so Tassels? Yes, please!  Fringing?  Oh go on then! Feathers? Hell Yes!

I went on a famous Interior Designer's workshop quite a few years ago and one nugget of information which stuck in my mind was the number of light sources we were told we MUST have in a room. I think it was nine?

Well, that's going it some, but I do agree that having a few different light sources in a room is obvious isn't it? Starting off with an overhead light - which, when I was a child, my parents always referred to as "the Big Light". So yes, we need a Big Light, probably also a reading light and then in an ideal world lots and lots of other lovely little fancy lamps dotted about the room on various tables & shelves. I think I may have just described a minimalists nightmare. But then again I'm not of the minimalist mindset so here are a few of my personal favourites - fringed, feathered and fabulous AND all SASSY APPROVED.




TOP ROW: Left to Right

So, kicking off with this beauty from DUNELM - I know, right! It's a beautiful Burlesque shape with a nice gold trim and a good depth of fringe (important) AND its a good size (45cm diameter). I remember back in the days when we were allowed to go to a shop with a companion, I went to my local Dunelm store with my Dad to get a few things for his home and I spotted this, picked it up and actually touched the fabric and the fringe. Wasn't it wonderful to shop with our hands and not just our eyes? I think this is excellent for the price and I may just have popped this in my on-line shopping basket!

This gorgeous Brass beauty with green fringing is from House of Sloane. I have a very similar lampshade to this in my Lounge (it used to be on my bedside table and looks fabulous in both settings - so a versatile lamp)  Sadly, the brand mine was from seems to have disappeared off the internet, which is real shame as I would have loved to shout them out. This version looks just as lovely though.

Now I probably really don't need to explain why I have included this. You can see the actual beauty for yourselves. Anna Hayman certainly knows how to work pattern and fringing. I have two of Anna's velvet lampshades in the Kitchen so I can tell you the finish and detail are exquisite and just look at the depth and layering of that striped fringing.

MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right

This is the Bertie chandelier from Cold Harbour Lights. The actual King of feathered chandeliers. I have this (well the top layer) as the BIG LIGHT in my bedroom. I had been lusting after it for a very long time and I gasped when I actually saw it in real life, it is just breathtaking.  This comes in many gorgeous colour ways. DIVINE!

Another feathered beauty for you. This time a table lamp by Young & Battaglia from Mineheart. For all its frivolous feathers this is actually a very simple lamp. A real understated beauty. The legs can be adjusted to make the lamp taller or shorter depending on your preference. It also casts wonderful shadows on the wall when lit. I have it in my lounge.

BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right

No words other than Utter Perfection. House of Hackney - need I say more?

I have a black velvet lampshade by Wild Lampshade Designs. It's classy, beautifully made and timeless and will be with me forever. I thought I would share this pattered lampshade though where you can see the finish in detail. Have a browse of the website and you will understand how I could have featured every single shade.

This is a very, very simple, yet beautiful ceiling lampshade from the mighty Anthropologie.  I love the way this shade has been hung using a chunky metal chain to de-prettify it a bit. I can't wait to go and inhale the beauty of Anthropologie in Leeds again at some point soon (hopefully).


For transparency I am featuring some lamps which I own from brands I have worked with.


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