Sassy Approved Glamorous Gardening

Apr 2, 2021

So, I should just start off by making it clear that I'm not a gardener .. yet!

I am lucky to have a large garden and I'm also very ready to learn something new. Last Summer we had veg beds in the garden and they were really successful, we were quite surprised to be honest. So, on the back of that, I have devoured every gardening programme, blog post and book I have been able to lay my hands on & we decided that this year would be the year we invested in a greenhouse. Easier said than done!

I only had two criteria for the greenhouse: one was size, as we had already laid a concrete base for it to sit on and the other was that it had to have a black frame to tie in with the rest of the house and the Verandah. So I eagerly sat down in front of the laptop to goggle away to my hearts content.  I fully expected it to take me a couple of hours tops and that said greenhouse would be delivered within the week.  It soon became very apparent that there are NO greenhouses available in the UK for love nor money at this present time. To say I was disappointed was an understatement! I'd already ordered a lot of seeds (I mean loads)  and I had also bought a 8ft long vintage ex-shop display table to be my potting table. Bloody Hell this was not going to plan at all.

I wasn't going to be outdone and eventually (we are talking hours and hours, possibly two days later) found what looked to be a pretty good greenhouse with reeded "glass". OK, it wasn't quite what I wanted but it was good enough. I parted with a substantial amount of hard earned cash and eagerly awaited my DPD delivery two days later. Our lovely DPD driver knocked on the door with one really small box. I was confused, perhaps this was just one of the many boxes he was about to unload from his van and this box was actually  "one of eight boxes" for example? I challenged him, Was he absolutely sure there weren't any more boxes for me? There weren't. Alarm bells were ringing. This one, quite frankly pathetic box, was in fact the WHOLE greenhouse in its entirety. Well, I've never seen anything like it. The Reeded "glass" was no thicker than a plastic container one might buy hummus in (I have made myself laugh at that analogy by the way, but you get the idea). It most certainly would have blown away in the first gust of wind. This was definitely not going to get the SASSY SEAL OF APPROVAL. So, the "greenhouse" was swiftly repackaged and despatched to whence it came.  And I was going to leave it at that, not make a big hoo-hah about it and just put it down to experience but ... when I got an email asking me to review the product, well lets just say it was a red rag to a bull and I certainly did leave a review!

After a lot more googling we decided to go for a handmade timber framed greenhouse (which we will paint dark) & which would take approximately eight weeks to be made (but obviously would also cost eight times as much as our original plan) but we've managed to convince ourselves it's an investment.

So, I've set my temporary "Propagation Station" up on the landing. I'm totally NOT stressing about the fact that the company we are buying this greenhouse from aren't answering my phone calls to check on progress (I am) & I'm tending to the little shoots that are emerging with the utmost love and care and have already planned how the greenhouse is going to be SASSED up.

So, without further ado, here are some SASSY APPROVED suggestions for ALL YOUR GLAMOROUS GARDENING needs. (Side note - it's not lost on me that this could also be a "What to wear at a Festival" blog post - the lines are blurred in my head).

TOP ROW: Left to Right

Leopard Print wellies by Joules  Obviously, it's a given that I love a leopard print but these are calf length wellies so they are much easier for getting on and off. I'm definitely thinking ahead to warmer weather too - shorts and calf length wellies, perfect.! No one wants knee length calf clinging wellies in the height of Summer or Winter for that matter.

Gold Digger gardening gloves by Garden Glory - I have these, they are even better than they look in the photo. They are seriously gold and come in a lovely gift box.

Every gardener needs  a wheelbarrow, might as well get one to match the colours of my decor. This is by Chain Harrows 

MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right

"Weeds Please" cushion by House of Hackney - I covet this with my whole heart - it's humorous, glamorous and fabulous.

I'm hoping for a glorious Summer. Paisley and Leopard print bucket hat by Anthropologie to shield the sun whilst tending my veg beds.

BOTTOM  ROW: Left to Right

We all know those April showers will catch us out in the garden. Leopard print rain cape by Rainkiss. I have this cape.  It's excellent and comes in a little bag so you can keep in it a larger bag when out and about should you wish to be smug about the inclement weather and always be that one step ahead.

"The Pink Panther rain poncho combines an exotic panther print with soft contemporary colours. It's bold, it's classy, it's fearless and it's also dry... it's the Pink Panther. The rain ponchos are cut to perfection with taped seams and a waterproof column of 10.000 mm. Made using sustainable materials, like recycled polyester. Some choices in life are worth it".

Seriously sassy gardening tools by Oldrids & Downtown just because they are gorgeous!

And I've saved the best til last! Gold hosepipe, again from Garden Glory - One of my favourite brands - check them out, you'll understand why. And I dare you to check out their nozzles .. guess which one I have?


Marking this blog post as AD as it contains some pr products and also some brands I have either worked with or will be working with in the coming months.



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