Sassy Approved Little bits of Leopard Loveliness

Mar 8, 2021


It will come as no surprise to any one who follows me on instagram to hear that I am rather partial to leopard print. I have it on my walls, floors and stairs and I absolutely love it.

One of my most asked questions is how can I be so brave to include this pattern (which seems to divide people) in my home on such a large scale?  And, then the second question is always how did I convince my husband that it was a good idea?

I don't think using a bold pattern on a wall is brave (to me the definition of brave is something else completely) but I do understand that for a lot of people my approach to decorating is probably quite terrifying so I would say just ease yourself into using leopard print (or any pattern or colour for that matter). You don't have to adopt the full on maximalist approach that I do.

Maybe try introducing leopard print on some of your every day objects such as a tea towel or a hand towel - I mean that feels fairly safe doesn't it? If that went ok and you quite liked the feeling of adding a little bit of animal print into the mix what about trying a hand wash soap dispenser or a diffuser with an animal print on it as well? Before you know it you (and hopefully your other half)  will start to see it for what it is - just a brown and black pattern - and won't even realise there is leopard print creeping into every room.

I've put together a few ideas for you below which I hope may tempt you to take a little walk on the wild side and for those of you who are already hard core leopard lovers - you are welcome!



TOP ROW: Left to Right

I don't know about you but I am sick to death of making lunches and an evening meal for my family during Lockdown 3. But a pair of leopard print oven gloves from Rockett St George does make it all feel a bit more glamorous.

On INSTA there seems to be a thing that we have tea towels that we actually use and then there are tea towels that MUST NOT be used under ANY circumstances unless they are for styling purposes. These Eleanor Bowmer leopard print tea towels fall into the latter category.

Here's a lovely lacquered leopard print tray from The French Bedroom Company. I think I would probably use this as a display tray for candles and such like. Although it would be lovely to carry drinks on to those outside guests we are all excited about hosting at the end of the month.


MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right

Sadly this apron by Kemi Telford is out of stock and I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on one. But I've included it because its very lovely (and I'm sure there are similar versions available) but you might like to take a look at Kemi's website anyway and enjoy all her excellent dresses!

I was googling leopard print towels the other month to go in the downstairs loo and Argos popped up to show me these and I have to say £20 for four decent sized towels felt like a bargain. I've since bought a second set I was so impressed.


BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right

I love this diffuser and hand wash from Beyond Living. The packing is just fun. These say "Hi Tiger" and "Big Hug" but there are other options too. They smell so good. Great for gifts or the all important self gifting.

Not strictly leopard print - but this tortoiseshell serving bowl by MADE is a real looker. I'm thinking it would look good holding a nice bowl of salad on the table at all those Summer BBQs which are on the horizon.

I have recently started using a tablecloth maybe once a week and really enjoy the occasion of setting the table nicely.  All I can say is there are tablecloths and then there are Temperley London tablecloths. I have a leopard print tablecloth of much, much inferior quality to this but it gives me a lot of pleasure to lay the table with it - I can only imagine the thrills I would get from using this beauty.



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