Sassy Approved Planters

Feb 12, 2021


My thoughts this week are turning to Spring and despite the fact that it's been absolutely freezing with snow flurries and lots of ice underfoot there have also been glorious blue skies and, thrillingly,  I’ve spotted snowdrops in the garden (which we planted during the first Lockdown).

I’ve filled the house with cheap & cheerful bunches of Daffs and planted (well to be strictly accurate, I just placed) Hyacinth bulbs which I bought at the Supermarket into fancy plant pots and popped them in rooms around the inside of the house just to cheer things up a bit. I adore the smell of Hyacinths they remind me of my childhood.

My personal preference for "fancy plant pots" seems to be extremely large planters in the shape of human or animal heads. I think they make a great statement and don't be put off using them INSIDE your home just because you once heard they were intended to go outside - THERE ARE NO RULES and oversized is good.

And remember folks, everything can be altered with a bit of gold spray paint.


TOP ROW  Left to Right

I've taken this description straight from Garden Glory website because, quite frankly, I couldn't have put it better myself.

  • There’s a new sheriff in town! This pot exudes attitude, confidence and is definitely what we call a true piece of art. The chimpanzee officer keeps your style in tact. Made entirely of terracotta with stylish attributes such as a cap and gold tooth – this is a character that you want to show off.

This photo is of the Large Chimpanzee pot in my garden, where I used him to look after my herbs last Summer. At the moment he's sat on top of a kitchen cupboard with a faux fern in - watching over us. Now I do realise that this is an expensive pot - but there is also a smaller version (I know!) . Do check out the whole website. I think you will realise within a nano second why I love it so much and why it gets the Sassy Seal of Approval.


Here's another of my personal favourite planters which I bought from my all time favourite brand Rockett St George. At the moment he's sat on my hall table with some Hyacinth bulbs and dried moss in. He could very well happily stay here all year round. I've tried him with a faux fern and he can rock that look too.  But I think he is destined to look after a bay tree in the courtyard outside eventually.


This is from Vintage Frog - a new brand to me, I've nothing to go on other than the fact that this looks pretty cool and I liked the name of the brand! But, I mean a bust of the Statute of David would look good on a sideboard with, I'm thinking off the top of my head here* perhaps some sort of curly plant as hair.

  • Pun TOTALLY intended


MIDDLE ROW  Left to Right

A gold Elephant head planter. I mean COME ON! This is from the fabulous Hilary and Flo who I have shopped with MANY times over the past few years. Deliveries used to come with a hand drawn Flamingo on them and a lovely personalised note. However, I do know Shelley is now UBER busy renovating houses as well as running this very successful on-line business from her own home and managing her huge insta account so we'll forgive her if she's given up doodling in favour of having a few minutes to herself. This brand def gets the Sassy Seal of Approval.


Gold and Black baby faced ceramic planters from Luxeologyhome I still can't decide if these are creepy or cool. Let's say they are creepy AND cool. One thing's for certain though with a strap line of "Putting the EXTRA into Extraordinary Interiors" you are going to love this on line store as much as I do.


BOTTOM ROW. Left to Right

I've got to be honest, I know nothing about this brand Floristik.24 but I'm willing to take a punt that at just over twenty quid this will look pretty good perched on a shelf with herbs or a small plant in.


This is a plant pot I bought cheap as chips a few years ago on-line and gave it the spray paint treatment. And without wanting to blow my own trumpet, a brand saw it and physically "borrowed" it make one of their own to sell - not too sure if I'm proud of that or if I missed a trick. But all that aside, do not be afraid of spray paint - it is your friend and for about a tenner you can transform many, many things from BLAH to TADAH.


Now, you are probably thinking these aren't particularly NEW - and you would be correct.  BUT ... paint them black and pop some white Michaelmas Dasies in and we are talking SASSY. This seems to be a very good price for them over at Homesdirect365 - you are welcome!



*AD some of these are products from brands I have worked with previously


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