Sassy Approved Side Tables

Aug 14, 2021

I'm not a fan of the word "quirky" but I know a lot of people will see these side tables and describe them as just that - so we'll run with it.

When I'm thinking about what to include in a room/space I always like to add something that introduces a bit of fun, that makes me smile and will maybe make a visitor/customer look twice when they see it out of the corner of their eye.

A good way to introduce a quirky piece of furniture into your room is by adding a side table. It's quite a safe way to make a bold move as side tables aren't the main focus of the room, they are incidental, another layer if you like but they are also very useful. And, most of the ones I've included in this selection have all the action going on under the table top so you don't actually see it when sitting next to it.

Statement pieces like this work really well in a modern space but will also add an effortless eclectic vibe when popped at the end of a sofa in a more traditional setting.

I do like an animal themed side table and there are plenty about to choose from at the moment. As always I've chosen items that I would happily give houseroom to (in fact I have included two that I have had in my home for years).

So, without further ado, let me tell you a bit more about each of these Sassy Approved side tables and where you can get your hands on them.



TOP ROW: Right to Left

I love everything about this table from Rockett St George.  The gold colour just looks so dense and the way the "paint" forms drips is stunning. It reminds me a bit of a chocolate fountain?

Ever since I was a little girl I've really been drawn to "invisible" furniture. I always coveted a dining table with six ghost chairs around it. But with four sons we went for the wooden benches option instead. The Essey Grand Illusion table from  Design My World could scratch that itch.

Cheeky Monkey table from Dunelm - very cute and very gold. I'd give it house room.


MIDDLE ROW: Left to Right

This is the DOPE AS HELL coffee table from Bold Monkey via Cuckooland. It's just so so cool. I have had the all black version (A Panther) for a few years. It's just the coolest thing I think I've laid my eyes on. And its got a medallion. I know!

I've also had this Crane side table for years (it wasn't from Wayfair but I can't remember where I got mine from). It's quite compact, stylish and has an art deco feel to it.


BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right

I seriously love this Antique Bronze Octopus side table from Gladys & Charles. It reminds me of Medusa's hair or possibly long vines. I do know that it's an Octopus, but I'm a bit freaked out by them so I'll stick with my interpretation of it.

Now, I know the Ibride Diva Lucia console table from Made in Design isn't new - it's been around forever - doesn't mean it's not super cool though! I particularly like this one with the lamp attached. One day ....

And last but not least I've included this quiet beauty from LaRedoute as its very simple, yet still a stylish statement piece - possibly the one to ease you gently into the world of quirky interiors?



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