The Home Bar

Oct 9, 2019

I have to confess here and now we are NOT big drinkers and there is no reason why we would need a Home Bar,  but I found myself with a problem (albeit a VERY first world problem). I had a room which I realised no one was using any more.

So this room is a long, narrow space off the lounge leading to the Utility Room with French Doors occupying one whole wall. It had been used as a dedicated playroom and then a sort of Teenage Man Cave until said Teenagers decided they preferred to hunker down in their own rooms with the door shut - as Teenagers do! 

I had no idea what to do with it but I had found some wallpaper from which I had a burning desire to use somewhere in the house., @coleandcole, @rockettstgeorge - I used the wallpaper by at £10 a roll

So I started thinking what kind of room would have wallpaper like this in and could I get away with using it and would it work in a family home? It was around this time that we were really into watching Peaky Blinders and a Home Bar suddenly seemed like a really cool idea. I sold the idea to my all Male family by using the word Pub repeatedly - they had visions of dart boards and a spit and sawdust Pub and a possible visit from Thomas Shelby (which would have been nice!)  However, I had much grander ideas. This is the vision I had in mind .... 

Anabel's Private Members Club in London. Image taken from @annahaymandesigns

So I started trawling Ebay for vintage Home Bars but despite bidding very enthusiastically  I was unsuccessful and time was ticking away.  I needed to act fast before the family realised I was working to a very different brief to theirs. 

I was gutted to have been outbid on this beauty

So I went down the  MDF route and bought a bar from a Cowboy, sorry skilled Carpenter, advertising his wares on Ebay. Big mistake! Huge! The quality was absolutely shocking. It would have been easier and cheaper to have made one ourselves. It should have just been a case of screwing 4 pieces of wood together through predrilled holes. Let's just say we are very lucky to have an excellent Builders Merchants near by and they cut the wood on their industrial machines to make it straight - it was 10cm out in one place. 

Buyer beware - this is the image of what we were expecting - ie wood that had been cut correctly and err, straight

That's all a distant memory now and we have painted the Bar in Farrow & Ball Railings Eggshell and it provides a nice contrast to the wallpaper and blends in with the colour scheme throughout the house.

I knew that I wanted this room to look like a Gentleman's Club/sexy Boudoir so I introduced elements of elegance with these black leather, studded bar stools from @cultfurniture  and this statement floor lamp with marble base and copper coloured artichoke shade (which is the perfect colour to compliment the wallpaper) from @iconic_lights. 

Now, whilst I was having fun with all this the men folk wanted to address the serious issue of a beer pump (boring). They eventually decided to buy this Philips Draft Beer Dispenser. It sits neatly on a table top (in this case on a shelf behind the bar) chills the beer but is poured by a lever thus giving the real Bar experience. We also installed a fridge behind the bar, a shelf for glasses and wall mounted optics. 

Gadgets to please the boys

Layering of colours, pattern and textures add to luxurious feel of the room

This vintage leather club chair looks lovely with the gorgeous hand knitted throw from @blanketsbeautiful and the fabulous @houseofhackney velvet cushion from @thedogsear. 

The marble shelf from @heavenlyhomesandgardens, artwork from @thecuriousdepartment and the uber sexy, fringed lampshade from @wildlampshades all add to the boudoir feel, as well as the leopard print rug - which is actually leftover carpet from when we had the stairs carpet fitted.


  1. Julie Howells

    Sally there is so much useful info here. Its great to see. All the best with this venture

    • Sally

      Thank you so much Julie

  2. Heather Playdon

    My Aunty had that old bar in her bungalow, she had a pineapple ice bucket, the works! She was soooo cool although it was the 70s

    • Sally

      She sounds like one very cool Lady!


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