The Sassy Approved Valentine’s Gift Guide

Feb 5, 2021


Well, you all loved the SASSY APPROVED CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE so I’ve pulled together a little Valentine’s gift guide for you.

Although the timing is perfect for Valentine’s Day it’s more about sharing the love - and we all need a bit of that now during Lockdown 3.0 right?

I’ve featured eight brands I’ve worked with recently and one who I’ve bought from. They are all FAB & I can vouch for each and every one of them - let me tell you NOTHING  gets into my home if it’s not great quality, classy & most of all sassy.




Top Row Left to Right

@Kissthemoon produce a range of 100% natural night-aromatherapy products to help you sleep beautifully. My absolute favourite is the After Dark Pillow mist with rejuvenating  Rose, Palmarosa, Frankincense & Ylang Ylang essential oils to help you drift into a deep sleep. It comes in a lovely atomiser which is perfect as a bedside table accessory.

@Hiphophomeslondon is a new small, slow interior business founded by two Mums with a love of music, especially Hip Hop. Both women have a Fine Art and design background so by fusing their love of design and music  Hip Hop Homes was born. The designs are hand painted, printed at a small UK printers and the cushions are then hand made in London. This cushion is from the ICONS range (Bowie, Elton, Diana, Madonna).

@OliveSage was born out of the struggle to find beautiful, yet affordable pieces for the owner’s home and restaurant business. Established 15 years ago this is a family business with a passion to provide customers with a combination of stylish, glamorous and individual collections. One of my go to emporiums.

Middle Row Left to Right

@pepperlovescandles This is a really new business, started during the second lockdown. These are conversation starter candles to jazz up the home. Featuring sassy slogans the aim is to bring a little joy into homes amidst these times we are living in. Each letter is made from a soy and paraffin wax blend which is hand chiselled and contoured to fit onto the candle. I customised mine to read SASSY in leopard print.

@Sianjordan is a self -taught artist. Sian paints a strong female presence experimenting with watercolour, ink and gouche and her work is becoming more recognisable on social media. I’m a huge fan of her bunny girl prints.

@CREEDRevival was born straight out of Lockdown 2.0 and offers pieces such as torso statement ornaments, lip vases & bottom planters with the hope of bringing a smile to your face every day (Bespoke pieces also available). Seriously sassy pieces definitely worth checking out. I’ve got my eye on the cement bottom planter – because well why not!

Bottom Row Left to Right

@Sainteco was created by two sisters as a lockdown project. Their projects are handcrafted from start to finish. The Velvet Rose and Oud wax scents smell absolutely amazing and the sculpture is a lovely statement ornament. By purchasing from them you not only gain an amazing piece of décor, you also become part of the mission, where 10% of their profit goes towards helping an orphanage in India every month.

@EnglishInk produces different types of conceptualsied art that you can touch and experience and hold in your hands. A think outside the box approach to bring something fresh and exciting to the market. Excellent cups, saucers, candles and diffusers. I have to say there is something very sassy about drinking a morning cuppa from this cup and saucer.

@KatieFrance is a London based brand bringing you “made to make you smile wonders”. Being big lovers of leopard print they have range of items for all the leopard lovers out there. This cushion is a tapestry type fabric with a deep velvet ruffle. Beautifully made and very nicely packed in a pizza take away style of box with fun stickers & a cool postcard.





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