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Hey there – thanks for stopping by!

I’m Sally and I’ve had a lifelong passion for interiors and styling and I’m very much led by my heart. My instagram account @sallydoessassy is where I showcase the bold decorating and styling choices that I’ve made in my home.

Home is an 140 year old barn conversion in a tiny, picturesque North Yorkshire village with amazing sweeping views of the countryside from my back doorstep. I have spent the last eight years lovingly transforming it into the wonderful, unique and eclectic space it is today. My vibe is decadent & sassy with rock and roll styling.

My home has also become my business @sallydoessassy. I use it as a cool, bold & exciting venue to style and photograph content for brands to use for their own social media and advertising. Alternatively,  I can provide photographic and written content via my Instagram account & blog. I am passionate about the brands I choose to work with and rest assured you won’t ever see anything in my home that I don’t seriously love.

One thing I can promise you is that what I bring to you won’t be boring or bland because I only work with brands who have the Sassy Seal of Approval.

I hope you stick around & engage with my Instagram and blog, and take a bit of my sassy style into your own home!

Sally Does Sassy


The Home Bar

I have to confess here and now we are NOT big drinkers and there is no reason why we would need a Home Bar,  but I found myself with a problem (albeit a VERY first world problem). I had a room which I realised no one was using any more. So this room is a long, narrow...

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Thank you

“We wanted to say thank you to special people like you who have really helped grow our brand.”