Why I chose Quick-Step laminate flooring for my bedroom makeover

Aug 28, 2020

I’ve recently given the Master Bedroom a huge makeover. Previously it was a beautiful, deliciously dark space with lots of jewel tones and rich velvet fabrics with a black floor covering but I felt the need to transform it and let in some light, which meant changing the wall colour and the flooring.



This is how the bedroom looked before I gave it a makeover


I wanted to use a brown flooring to compliment the colour of the vintage walnut burr wardrobes which were already in the room.


vintage-wardrobe-in-beroom-with-a-four-poster-bed I used the colours of the walnut burr wardrobe and brown wallpaper as a starting point when choosing the colour of the floor


Our home is an old barn and, much as I would have loved to use old reclaimed floorboards throughout, I have learnt by trial & error that they’re not suited to a house with heavy footfall and two giddy dogs (our previous Victorian terrace house had beautiful old restored floor boards sadly scarred with many scratches).

So, I decided to use laminate from Quick-Step which has a Scratch Guard technology making it up to ten times more scratch-resistant than floors without Scratch Guard. We have already used Quick-Step flooring in Black Burned Planks finish on the landings. in the study and in one of the boys’ bedrooms. I just knew the quality would be excellent.


Black Laminate flooring

Black Laminate flooring


As much as I love continuity, and for rooms to flow, I wasn’t tempted to use black flooring in the bedroom.  I wanted to go with a beautiful brown floor to compliment the new wallpaper and furniture. It’s a really large space and the flooring just had to be right as there is a lot of it on show.



The flooring looks amazing





Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Quick-Step did a laminate floor with a hint of gold in it.


brown-laminate-flooring-with-a-gold-fleck-by Quick-Step Floors

The flooring I chose is called Metallic cérusé oak gold laminate  - so totally and utterly ME.


Also part of the reason for choosing laminate was that it is water resistant meaning walking across it from the en-suite bathroom wouldn't be an issue with wet feet. Also the floor is 100% resistant to surface moisture so cleaning it is really easy and quick.

This product was gifted as part of a collaboration and the customer service I received was second to none. Even though I was absolutely sure I’d made the right choice I was pointed in the direction of the website tool where you can preview any of the floorings in your own interior by uploading an image of your room and then choosing which floors you think might work in the space. This was a really helpful tool to narrow down my selection.


These are two of the floorings I tried out using the Quick-Step tool

On the back of this I requested four samples which were sent really quickly and were a good size to be able to gauge the effect.

I did actually go with my original choice – I was hooked as soon as I saw the gold!


The gold in the Metallic cérusé oak gold laminate flooring really catches the light and brings out the rest of the colours in the room.

I’ll tell you a funny story …. I have used the same joiner for years, he’s a family friend. Dave knows me and my tastes really well. When he was fitting the underlay and the flooring it was a really hot day and he must have been shattered having been on his hands and knees all day.

He came into the kitchen (I thought he was coming to ask me to have a look at the finished floor) and said “Sal, I’ve just laid the last piece but I think it must be a faulty batch as it’s got GOLD in it” (I want to insert many laughing emojis here).

He’d obviously been working in his own shadow all day and as soon as the sun hit the gold flecks BOOM – absolute gorgeousness! Dave had visions of having to take it all up and start again. Upon reflection he did say that he should have known that’s what I would have chosen because I always go for something a bit unusual. Oh, how we laughed!  (insert more emojis).

So, the moral of this story is that Quick-Step flooring is excellent quality and I’m so impressed that they are forward thinking and daring enough to introduce a design with a gold fleck to their range of flooring.


Disclaimer: ~The flooring was part of a collaboration with Quick-Step but all opinions are my own.

Link to Quick-Step website

Link to Metallic cérusé oak gold flooring


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